📜 Sekhmet's Translation Of Tantra  
🌹 Tantra Heals Sexual Traumas Held Within The Sexual Organs,
This Is Especially True For Women,
Sexual Trauma Is Locked Within The Walls Or Muscles Of The Yoni,
Tantra Is A Sacred Way To Massage These Traumas From The Walls Of Your Sacred Space. 
🍎 Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning Sacred Space (Vagina).
🌹 Tantra Psychology:
"Trauma Creates A Psychological Structure,
Which Is Locked Within Your Muscle Memory.
The Muscular System Of The Human Body Has It Own Body,
And It's Own Intelligence."
🍎 Tantra Is A Path Of Connectedness, The First Universal Law Is 'ALL IS Mind'!
🌹 Tantra Celebrates The Totality Of Who You Are, The ALL!
🍎 Tantra Talk, You Have Always Been God!
🌹 Tantra Is A Bridge Between The Spiritual And Material.
🍎 Tantra Is Heart Centered, Tantra Is Compassionate, Forgiving And Understanding.
🌹 Tantra Releases Traumas Held Deeply Within Our Subconscious,
Which Causes Energetic Blockages.
🍎 Tantra Divine Union With God

Codes Of Ethics

I, Sequoia Brown, African Shaman Prétresse, Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner and Minister, Offer Transformative Tantric Talk With Sekhmet, Utilizing Tarot And Rune Casting To Understand Your Spiritual Journey Thus Far, And The Direction You Seek To Stir Toward. Allow Sekhmet And I To Safely Take You To The Tree Of Life, To Retrieve Sacred Spiritual Advice On Your Behalf.


📜 Invoking Sekhmet

🌹Lady Of Jubilation 🌹

🎯 Goddess Of Healing 🎯

🍎  She Who Is Most Powerful  🍎

🔥  O’ Mistress Of The Magic Lamp   🔥 

🎁  Illuminate Thy Temple   🎁

🌹 Shift The Limiting Paradigms 🌹

🎯 Heal Thy Self Image 🎯

💥 O' Mistress Of Terror 💥

👣 Assist Thee To Take Thy Power Back! 👣


"Paradigm is a multitude of habits or ideas!" 

~ Bob Proctor


⛔️ Please be advised you will have a 15 minute grace period, if we cannot connect at exact scheduled time. You may reschedule 12 hours prior to scheduled time. Thank you for your cooperation.  

If for any reason I AM not able to assist your with your heart’s concern,

I shall refer you to a more qualified practitioner,

whom works with your particular issue or situation 



In life there are no guarantees, and this is certainly true for magick, reiki, rootwork, and enchantments. One must also apply action as I do Thy work behind the scenes. 


🎉 "I only work with the Light, because I understand Thy darkness, Thy whole Self! I AM Light, That I AM! And I Harm None!" ~Sequoia


I AM an ethical Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner and Minister, I cannot guarantee you that the magick or enchantments will always work, or whether we shall receive the desired success expected from ceremonies. To elicit such a guarantee would be unethical and demonstrate a lack of understanding of the nature of magick. More importantly, the very nature of your spirit, Free Will. 


Here is what I can guarantee…


💭 I shall counsel your soul, and awaken the God within you. I invoke the Highest Love And Light within the Universe, and I shall summon the divine power you seek to achieve the goals or aims we set. I shall utilize all Thy divine abilities when counseling your heart and mind, through tarot, reiki, rootwork, feary magick, and solomonite ceremonial magick to bring forth manifestation. 


I AM here to prepare you to meet those opportunities which we petitioned during your Spiritual Counseling, Distant Reiki Session, Or Rootwork.


📜 And Only With Your Permission...




🔞 Legal Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this service. This service is being offered exclusively for entertainment purposes. Information provided by this service is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice. All sales are final.


📝 Conduct Disclaimer: If any communication becomes sexually inappropriate in any manner, violent or vulgar, or for anything other than Spiritual Counsel and Enlightenment, communication will cease immediately and no refund will be issued. Thank You for your corporation.

🔮Psychic Predictions: Sequoia Brown, does not specialize in Predictions. I offer future outcomes as possibilities, which assist Thy clients with how to properly navigate those potentialities. The important factor for this decision is, I honor your Free Will and any relations you bring before Thee. Thank You, OM!