Tantric Talk With Sekhmet

 Who Is Sequoia Raye? 

🌹Sequoia Raye "The Radiant" Is A Reincarnated Goddess Of Sekhmet,  Here To Heal, Bless And Awaken The Divine Goddess, Within All Whom She Encounter, With The Sacred Knowledge She Possess!  
⚡️ She Has Overcome Past Traumas Of Childhood And Relationship Abuse, With The Assistance Of Sekhmet And Ra, And Many Other Divine Beings Gods And Goddesses, Whom Offer Divine Counsel. 
🔮She Is A Mystic Psychologist Whom Speaks Divine Truth As She Advises Your Sacredness Upon Your Earth Journey, By Offering Gentle And Genuine Counsel.
💘 She Is Straightforward When Assessing Any Situation, That Is Brought Before Her. She Possesses Scared Universal Knowledge To Many Solutions, One Must Ask, Then Tune In To Receive Divine Guidance. The Angelic And Spiritual Realm Are Always Awaiting To Assist Us, With Many Of Life’s Questions And Lessons. 
👽 Awaken To Your God Self! 
💡 Allow Sequoia Raye  To Pour Forth Sacred Knowledge Upon Your Crown, As She And Yourself, Gain Understanding Of Your Whole Self, The Feminine And Masculine Divine Energies, Which Flows Within You,Then Thou Shalt Know Thyself, Awakening To Your God Self! 
📜 "Know Thyself, Then Thou Shalt Know The Universe And God." - Pythagoras

Sequoia Raye

"The Radiant"


🔥 Shaman Prêtresse

🔮 Mystic Psychologist

💡 Illuminated Intuitive

Sekhmet's Tantra?




I AM Appreciative To The Artist From Flickr 

🌹 Wat-Sisakhet "The Oldest Temple In Vientiane Capital,

🌹 Nude And Shadow By Thad Zajdowicz @flickr, 

🍎 Sekhmet, Kom Ombo By Lucas @flickr,

🌹 Verdugos Mountain Lion By National Park Services @flickr

  🍎  Hathor By Rocco Lucia  @flickr 
🌹 Sekhmet.JPG By Roberto Venturini  @flickr 
  🍎 Lioness By Toma lakopo @flickr 

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