🌹Lady Of Jubilation 🌹

💥 Sekhmet's Road Opener Ritual 🎥

🎯 Goddess Of Healing 🎯


🍎  She Who Is Most Powerful  🍎


🔥  O’ Mistress Of The Magic Lamp   🔥 


🎁  Illuminate Thy Temple   🎁


🌹 Shift The Limiting Paradigms 🌹


🎯 Heal Thy Self Image 🎯


💥 O' Mistress Of Terror 💥


👣 Assist Thee To Take Thy Power Back! 👣

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 🌑New Moon

New Beginnings, Doors Of Opportunities, And Liberation,

Moksha, Moksha Be!




🌒 First Quarter Moon

Harmonizing The Yin And Yang

Within Your Temple,

Bringing Forth Enlightening Energies

From Your Monad,

The Archangel Within Thee!



Road Opener Ritual Celestial Performance:



🌕 Full Moon

"The Way Opener" Offers Defense,

On Behalf Of Those Whom Seek Solace,

From Injustices Performed Against The Seeker!



🌖 Last Quarter Moon

"Releasing Blockages And Barriers

Created From Traumatic Memories,

Locked Within The Depths

Of Your Subconscious, At The Root,

And I Shall Seek The Cause

At The Tree Of Life,

And Severe It With The Scythe Of Sekhmet!"

🎯 Road Opener Ritual Releases Blockages, Black Magic Curses, Hexes, Spells; And Shifts Paradigms, Imprints And Implants From Past And Present Memories, Which Cause Trauma, Lack And Limitations Within Your Life. 🚷 

🚧 Road Opener Ritual Relieves The Subconscious (Soul), Heart, Mind And Body From All The Above Erroneous Energies, Which Keep You From Acquiring Healing, Love, Luck, Prosperity, And Psychic Abilities! 🚦
⚡️ A Road Opener Ritual Is A Significant Source Of Magick, Which Removes Hectic Hinderances From Your Path, Reclaiming Your Divine Power, While Awakening Your Angelic Presence Within To Guide You, Upon Your Sacred Earth Journey. 🌎
🔮  If You Have Been Seeking A Deep Cleansing From Within, Then Look No Further, 
Allow Sekhmet “Protectress And Ruler Of Desert" And I, Sequoia Raye “The Radiant” To Work On Your Divine Behalf, To Bring Forth Restoration Within Every Area Of Your Exquisite Existence. 🔥
🌹 Sekhmet And I Perform Radiant Road Opener Rituals Within The Depths Of The Desert, To Defend The Seeker First, And Foremost From Any Present Discordant Energies Or Entities! The Desert Is A Divine Source Of Solace, Offering Superior Serenity To Any Aim We Desire! 🌹